You could have been playing a zombie game by the creators of Bioshock

You know what’s awesome? Zombies. You know what else is awesome? Bioshock. Put the two together and you’ve pretty much got an awesome sandwich with a side of fries. Sound far fetched? Well it could have been real if it weren’t for some horrid business sense.

Apparently the fine folks at Irrational Games were hard at work at adapting their hit SWAT series into a zombie shooter called Division 9 but were told that the powers that be didn’t think zombies were popular enough way back in 05. The game was supposed to be a squad based shooter with an unlimited amount of the undead to shoot. So yeah, it was Left 4 Dead before there was a Left 4 Dead.

Enjoy the footage of the would-be awesomeness!


One Response

  1. Now see, what I like about this is how the zombies move slowly and shuffle… In my Zombie media, I enjoy both fast and slow zombies… And Left 4 Dead only quenches my thirst for fast zombies – I definitely wish L4D had a “Romero Mode”, where zombies moved slowly, but could take more damage.
    That, or I wish they freakin’ released this game.

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