Roadhouse (yes that Roadhouse) was almost a video game.

There’s been plenty of odd licensed game choices over the years; Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker and ET for the Atari  to name a few, but if an article in the latest issue of Playboy is accurate, we could have been kicking faces Swayze style in a roadhouse video game. The article, a profile of notorious conman Dennis Montgomery makes mention of a comapny called eTripped that was supposedly working on the game.

ETreppid Technologies was a four-year-old firm trying to find its way. Some of its employees had been hired to design video games. One game under construction was Roadhouse, based on the 1989 movie in which Patrick Swayze plays a bouncer in a dive bar. Other programmers worked on streaming video for security cameras.

Though there was no mention of just what type of game the Swayze vehicle would have produced, the safe bet would be on a Streets of Rage type game, what with the henchmen and punching and whatnot.


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