First Look: Naughty Bear from 505 Games

Most respectable gamers wouldn’t stop to look at a game featuring a teddy bear. Now a homicidal, teddy bear that stabs rather than hugs? Yeah I thought so.

Next year, 505 games is bringing Naughty Bear, an original IP to the Xbox 360 and PS3 systems, and its shaping up to be quite the memorable title. You play as a demented Teddy Bear, determined to bring terror and anarchy to the happy little “land of perfection” which the other Teddy Bears inhabit.  Think of it as a one of the characters from every Disney movie you’ve ever seen going completely batshit crazy and stabbing all of the other characters.

Promising over the top arcade violence, Naughty Bear is more than just a cute, psychopathic face — the developers are touting the game’s unique gameplay system that actually changes the world’s landscape, as well as its challenges depending on the time of day you’re playing.

Besides the logo and the render of Naughty bear himself, not much else is known about the title — which is expected to hit in the second quarter of next year. Check back with the Nerve for more!


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