The scene that could have been: Shatner in STAR TREK

A lot of words have been said regarding Shatner and the recent film Star Trek. Some say Shatner wanted to be the star because he doesn’t do cameos, while others lay the blame at J.J. Abrams’ feet.  In the extras that accompany the Star Trek Blu-ray, Abrams addresses the film’s lack of Shatner.  He discusses the importance of cannon, and given that this is truly a prequel and a sequel, old Kirk is dead, albeit this transpired in a truly wasteful manner, but he’s a corpse nonetheless.  Seemingly, Abrams and company really tried to make the decisions that were best for their new vision, and sadly this was at the cost of a scene that I personally feel could have been very cool.  If you hit the link below, you can head on over to TrekMovie and read the scene that would have been incorporated into the end of the film if the stars would have aligned to make Shatner’s appearance a reality.

For any of you that have yet to see the film, you may want to steer away, it could give away some of the ending.



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